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Immunity, Obesity & Prevention - An ESCASO® GDDiET® Formula Part-2

The number of #Covid-19 positive cases are on the rise. After several months of lock down, most of us have gotten back to our business adapting to the new normality of social distancing, masks, sanitizers and #IMMUNO BOOSTERS! 

Most of the pharmacies these days are running out of stock on immunity boosters and Vitamin tablets because we ‘think’ popping a #Vitamin-C tablet could help us build immunity and save us from the virus.

But what we are ignorant is of the fact that, an obese person or a person with lifestyle diseases will have lesser ability to cope with diseases. The immune system becomes inactive in such cases and therefore consuming an immunity booster would make no or lesser impact on one’s body. 

For example, excessive blood sugar and excessive insulin production can lead to a deficiency of many nutrients, especially magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, and #Vitamin-D.  This weakens the immune system and thus the Vitamin C tablet’s effect becomes null.  

Towards each of these, the first stone to be laid is with one’s eating habits and thereby controlling insulin levels, blood sugar levels, and reduce obesity. Eating right is as important as taking any precautions against the #pandemic. Now that we are being told to live with the virus amongst us, any of us could be affected in the near future. So the first thing we could be asking ourselves is ‘am I fit enough to be able to recover?’. A self assessment on our health and health introspection is inevitable these days. Every minute symptom that our body shows needs to be understood to improve our health. 

Here’s what we, at ESCASO® GDDiET® suggests to improve one’s metabolic health and immunity. 

Eat #nutrient dense real foods
Increase leafy vegetables intake that include phytonutrients and #antioxidants 
Eat at regular timings. 
Maintain balanced diet 
Maintain your Normal Weight
Sugar is a white poison, keep it at bay!
Keep your Vitamin-C and D at optimum levels. 
Wear your mask