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This Program is an effortless guide on how ANYONE can lead a healthy life that helps to lose weight For anyone and everyone who like to adapt a nutritious life and why it is not a choice but a necessity in stressed out Covid-19 era. 

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Unlike most Diets and Weightloss plans, I don’t focus on calories, other food measurements and strenuous exercises. With my background in Physiotherapy & Clinical Nutrition and as a Health and wellness coach, my goal is to help to improve a person’s awareness of the body, relieve stress and pain and get a clear picture of their overweight. I focus on Real Food. Because Real Food Is Medicine”



Do at Your Own Pace

6 Week EAT TO FIT Challenge comes on Free WiX Mobile App.

Program costs on ₹1999/ - for a limited period. Down load the app for participate. Escaso Normal program costs ₹28850 for 6 weeks.


Here you can Do the Diet plan and other suggestions and instructions

at your own pace. This program is completely based on

ESCASO® Obesity Management program started in 2008.

We have centres at Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad and Calicut.


We made the entire principle of our Diet Plan into

Simple Easy to Follow Daily Steps and Instructions.

Anyone can Do the Program with the Help of Their Smartphone.

Tea Set


Entire ESCASO® GDDiET® program is broken up into daily segments

that focus on basic principles of ESCASO® GDDiET® Program.

Here’s the basic outline. There will be more in App

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This program is laid out for you to learn over the course of 6 weeks.

However, you can always set your own pace.

Note down all the instructions and principles and

follow throughout your life.

How Do I Access The Program

This program can be accessed via WiX Mobile App. It’s a free App. After clicking the Join button in this page, window will open and ask to download the WiX app to access ESCASO® GDDiET® Program. You can download it from iOS App Store or Google Playstore. After download automatically open the page ask you to “Join and Pay”. Click the link select the date of joining and pay ₹1999/ - From the same date the program will start and you can get daily notifications on what to do.

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This is a Self Help Program for Better Health.

Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

For more details and clarifications, you can get in touch with us through WhatsApp Message at

+91 9446069330

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